Participatory Vote

We need your help to vote for PS 129’s Project to air-condition the gymnasium.

Last year voting was in the schools. This year it is online.

Please follow the directions below to cast your vote.

The top three projects win funding from Councilman Vallone.

Starts March 23.

Online instructions (cell phone , IPAD or computer)

2. Select your preferred language.

3. Enter your address to find your voting district.

4. Fill out the digital voter affidavit to confirm you can vote in PBNYC.

5. Enter your cell phone number and receive a text message with a verification code

6. Enter your verification code when prompted

7. Vote for up to 5 projects!

8. Please complete the optional survey or click “Skip and submit my vote now”.

9. You’re done! Enter your e-mail address if you’d like to receive updates and results.